Embroidered Logos look classy and sophisticated. They give a quality edge to your company uniforms, club shirts, or corporate gifts.

We start by asking for a high resolution digital copy of your logo.
JPG files are great but need to be same size as the embroidery at a minimum of 300 dpi.

We will also ask you to confirm the Pantone Colours that you wish to use. We will use these colours to match to the nearest embroidery thread that is available in the Madeira Thread colour range.

EPS files are perfect, but please no bmp files and we really prefer not to work from printed letterheads, low resolution files from websites, etc.

If you are only able to provide a printed example, we will do our best to produce a great sample for you, but there may be additional charges in re-drawing your logo. We will of course advised this in advance.


Pricing on embroidery does vary depending on size and complexity. However, as a rough guide, the folllowing prices are indicative. We will confirm exact pricing when we have seen your logo.

Logo set up:

Text set up for all orders £5
Logo set up for all orders £35

Rough Application charges, per garment:

1-24 Garments £2.95
25-249 Garments £1.95
250+ Garments £1.25  

Large areas of embroidery on garment backs are charged starting at £4.95 per garment.


One of the only drawbacks with embroidery is that the 'resolution' of the stitching means that fine detail and shading doesn't translate. So fine or small lettering, serifs from some typefaces and thin lines will need to be removed. We call this 'truncation'. Again we will advise this to you and agree what will be removed or altered before we proceed to produce your sample.

However, the overall result with embroidery is usually so impressive that these small compromises rarely detract.



Once we have agreed how your logo is to appear, we will produce a sample of your embroidered logo for you to approve. At this point we will also agree with you the final positioning of the logo(s) on your garments.

This is our 'Sign-off' (we call it our GMCP27 form) it is part of our quality control system and the sheet follows your garments to ensure that the instructions are followed and you get what you've asked for, with the correct logo appearing on the right garments in the right size and colours.



We have found over many years of producing garments that rush-jobs are the ones where things often go awry. Embroidery is a time consuming process and getting it right takes some time. Also jobs have to be booked in to available slots in our production schemes.

Whilst we will always attempt to get your projects completed to the timescales you need, it is always better to plan extra time so that things are not rushed. As a rule of thumb, we generally quote 10-14 working days from sign-off of our GMCP27 form.

We will NEVER produce embroidery without this form.



If you have a regular requirement, we will be happy to discuss holding stock of some embroidered garments, and simply require a simple underwriting agreement. This can speed up the process of getting uniform to new starters and removes pressure from you.


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