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This web site is provided by Astleys, a family owned business specialising in the delivery of stocked-range solutions covering 15,000+ products to industry and commerce, with centuries of experience, having been established in 1730.
Workwear, Safety PPE, Footwear, Cleaning & Hygiene products, Hand & Power Tools and a huge variety of industrial and maintenance products.
We are members of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) and the British Safety Industry Federation (BSiF). Both of which give our customers the confidence that we supply only compliant and appropriate products.
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Company Policy Documents...

Company Policies

Astleys is registered for ISO9001 -  Quality Control System. We are commited to supporting the eradication of slavery, human trafficking and forced labour, please take a look at our Company Policies including these and others.


Astleys is a full-service company, not just an online-business. We operate from a central 30,000 sq ft distribution centre based in Coventry. From here, we stock and deliver over 15,000 different products to many thousands of customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

We specialise in three fields, Clothing & PPE, Tools and Industrial Consumables, and Cleaning & Hygiene equipment and materials.

Consequently, we can be a single source supplier for virtually any business. We are really keen to provide you with a personal interface too.

Our team of experienced staff are always keen to have feedback from you, that will help us to enhance the service that we provide.

If you've got any thoughts, comments, criticisms or compliments (we like those) please do get in touch at


Astleys was established in Coventry in 1730 and we are immensely proud of our 285 year history. We have a claim to be Coventry's oldest business and have some interesting apocryphal stories from the archives;

A very short history of events that have all happened whilst Astleys has been in business;


1730   George I was on the throne as King.

Astleys was established in 1730 when Robert Walpole was Prime Minister, since when there have been a further 52.


1745    Bonnie Prince Charlie lands in Scotland to take the Scottish throne and start a little trouble south of the border.

1773    Saw more disturbance, this time across the ‘pond’ as the Boston Tea Party marked the start of the war of independence, ending in the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

1789  Revolution was in the air as things kicked off in France with some sharp ends for many soon to be headless!

1804  Napoleon becomes Emperor of France and shortly after the Napoleonic war starts, but…

1805  Trafalgar – need we say more?

1815  Apparently we did – Waterloo!

1821  John Constable painted the Haywain (The one with the cart in the middle of a pond)

1833  Abolition of Slavery

1837  Queen Victoria became the sixth monarch to be on the throne since Astleys started in business

1846  Anaesthetic (Ether) first used, the saxophone and nitro-glycerine all discovered

1854  Crimean War

1861  Abraham Lincoln becomes President of the United States of America (Assassinated in 1865)

1867  Alfred Nobel (of the Nobel Prize) invents Dynamite

1869  James Starley invented the bicycle – in Coventry

1874  Barbed wire and the electric light bulb are invented

1900  World population 1.7bn (up from 1bn in 1800)

Today over 8 billion with 17.5% living in China & another 17.5% living in India.

And that doesn’t even cover the last HUNDRED years!