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7 November 2023

Taking wheelie bin cleaning to the next level...

Astleys recently delivered a bespoke machine made to wash wheelie bins for one of our public sector customers, the machine was made to specification.
Spencer's Retreat Farm

Sometimes, off the shelf solutions don't quite fit the task. In this case, we worked with one of our major customers to deliver a bespoke machine which will save them many, many expensive and tedious hours cleaning wheelie bins.

The automatic wheelie bin cleaner provides a high-pressure cleaning facility that is highway-specification, vehicle portable via tow-hitch. It is suitable for a single operator to use and provides a safe and efficient solution for our customer.

Astleys specialise in the supply of goods and materials to solve customers' problems. Generally, these solutions are already available from our huge range of suppliers existing product portfolios, but occasionally nothing quite fits the bill. This is where we can help, using our knowledge and experience to work with our suppliers to provide bespoke solutions.
If there is a special project that you'd like to talk to us about, please call our sales advisors on 0800 093 5494 - we'll be delighted to see how we might help.