Environmental Sustainability
Astleys promote Environmental Sustainability and work especially with suppliers who can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.
Here we are presenting a few examples of key suppliers approach to sustainability and the impact that they have on the environment and the steps that they are taking to mitigate this.


Northwood are a key supplier of paper products to Astleys customers. They have an enviable record in environmental sustainability, even returning cleaned water used in the process of making paper back to the river, cleaner than when it came out. Take a look at the following video presentation, it will impress you.

Katrin is Clean & Green

Katrin are on a mission to keep washrooms clean and green. Their dedication is to making products that are good for people and nature, making life easy and healthy. Sustainability is a priority, pursuing peace of mind to keep life and the environment clean.

Numatic - beyond Henry

Numatic have launched a new vacuum cleaner made from recycled materials. It develops superb power from a highly efficient, low-wattage motor - take a look.

Rock Fall Safety Footwear

Rock Fall are a relatively recent supplier to Astleys, providing an attractive, high-quality range of safety footwear with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. They make footwear with a reduced reliance on virgin materials, using polester fabrics made from recycled PET bottles and are even verified by the Vegan Society.